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Let’s face it, we’ll all procrastinators sometimes. And when it comes to sitting down and writing a blog post, it’s easy get very distracted very quickly. I often find myself doing things that could be temporarily ignored such as answering the phone or responding to Facebook messages. And, fewer distractions often mean more free time. So, I’ve gathered some little tricks together that I’ve found have helped me to speed up my blog writing time and become a better writer.

Write Notes First

Get your main points down and then begin to extend each one. This is basically how all of my posts begin. I’ve definitely been quite forgetful in the past and learned that this is a great trick to avoid missing any important information. You need to learn how to priorities tasks. I’ve especially found writing notes first is useful when writing posts that contain individual points like this one.

Don’t Edit As You Write

I often find that doing this is a distraction and I tend to lose my trail of thought. Instead I like to get all of my points down and then worry about the editing at the end. I often spend around 30 minutes checking for any grammatical errors, making sure it makes sense and of course flows nicely.

Take Photographs Before You Start

I find that posts are so much easier to write when I have already taken photos, edited and inserted the photographs. This way I have all of the information on a product (for example) right in front of me. Have a read of my post on how I take and edit my blog photographs for all of my tips and tricks.

Close Tabs

This one takes me right back to my studying days. Closing all other internet tabs is a huge must for someone who’s easily distracted. It’s amazing how much time you’ll save just by shutting off the rest of the internet and focusing on what exactly you need to do.

Listen to Music

Not only does plugging into a good playlist help me to write (particularly if I’m feeling blocked), but it also helps motivate me and can often spark a new idea or two. Create a playlist on Spotify (it’s free) by selecting music that you know you can work to. I often go for something that’s not too heavy because that can become distracting; I’m trying to write a blog post, not dance around the room.
Try timing yourself next time you write a blog post to see how long it actually takes you when you follow these tips.
What do you do to speed up your blog writing time? I’d love to hear.
Jacob Whitmore

Jacob Whitmore

Founder of Blogging Titan. Jacob works closely with bloggers and business to create amazing products and stories, running WhitoMedia.
Jacob Whitmore

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