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10 Crazy Tips to Drive Massive Traffic Through Social Media

Social media marketing is a tough nut to crack for beginners, right? Being a digital marketer myself, I see so many clients asking me for the same requests again and again regarding driving more social media traffic to their website. I love driving targeted customers...

Top 10 Powerful Headline Words That You Can Use Today

Today, content writers face a big challenge–a host of distractions to contend with in terms of capturing and keeping a reader’s attention. Smartphones and constant internet connectivity may have come with a slew of benefits, but they also bring a couple of drawbacks....

Why Your SEO is Affected by How Google Makes Money

What is the Point of this Article? If you’ve paid any attention to SEO over recent years, you probably know that: People figure out tricks to game the system to rank their websites. Google updates the algorithm periodically to undo ways of gaming the system that...

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