Write in Google Docs?  Publish in WordPress? You could be saving hours of your time

Looking for a simple way to import blog posts from Google Docs to WordPress?

Stop spending hours trying to format posts in WordPress. Getting images out of Google Docs is a huge pain and re-formatting the entire blog post in WordPress can take hours.

Wordable.io does it better.  You will be in shock – It will bring over a blog post with 20 images and tons of formatting in 30 seconds.

When you go into WordPress to check out the post, all of the images will be in the media library, the formatting exactly like it had been in Google Docs (headings, links and all), and in the HTML editor, there will be clean code. You will be amazed.

Wordable Imports Blog Posts From Google Docs to WordPress in One Click

Here’s how it works.

Go to Wordable.io and hit the ‘try it free’ button. 

You’ll be asked to connect the tool to your Google Docs account.

Then you’ll have two ways that you can connect Wordable to your WordPress site.

  1. You can install a plugin to connect your WordPress site
  2. You can use your WordPress login information to connect your WordPress site

Once you’ve successfully connected your site, you’ll be taken to the documents tab where you can view all of your Google Docs.

Then you just select the post you want to export and hit “Export to WordPress”.

Now sit back, blink a couple of times…

And before you know it, your post has been imported successfully into WordPress.

Just click the “Published as Draft Button” and then all you need to do is add a featured image from your media library if you’d like, add an SEO title and description to your post in your favorite SEO plugin, and then hit publish and your post is live.

Here’s What Your Post Looks Like In WordPress after using Wordable

All of your formatting is brought over to WordPress seamlessly 

The title of your Google Doc is automatically brought over, your paragraphs breaks appear just as they were in Google Docs and all of your styling is just as it was in Google Docs.

Bulk upload images to WordPress and automatically have them added to your media library

Images that were in your Google Doc file will be bulk uploaded to your WordPress post and are automatically added to your Media Library. The name of the image is automatically brought over and added as the title to save you time trying to optimize for SEO.

Heading, links and images look just as they did in Google Docs when imported into WordPress with Wordable

H1, H2, H3s when formatted in Google Docs get automatically brought over using Wordable. Links automatically open in new window to save you time formatting links. Images appear just as they did when in Google Docs.

Imports with Completely Clean Code

Often times when copying and pasting text from various word processors, it’ll automatically add additional styling to the code. With Wordable, it imports completely clean code to each post.

You can get 24 hours of unlimited posts and then 2 free exports on top of that when signing up for a free account at Wordable.io.

USE CODE:  titan15 for 15% of wordbale.io

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