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Who else wants more blog traffic? Okay, hands down please. I know everyone wants it. But unfortunately, blogging is hard work, and getting blog traffic is surely not novice cup of tea.

If you’ve a brand new blog, then it will be a daunting task to get website traffic, and there is no easy way around it. It takes a lot of time to craft new blog post of high quality.

You might be releasing 3-4 articles a week to keep your blog updated, and it’s necessary too. But, the reason why most bloggers give up is because they don’t see growth in their blog traffic.

Do you know the reason behind it? Why there is no growth in your blog traffic? No? Then you’re one of them, and you’ve come to the right place. Now pay close attention because i’ll be discussing 3 simple-hacks to triple your blog traffic without spending a penny on Google adsense.  

Hack #1: Content Promotion is Everywhere – BUT How to Do It Right?

You know, there is actually no point of spending all your time crafting and releasing new articles in your blog, if no one is bothering themselves to read it. Promoting your content won’t just help to increase your blog traffic, but it’ll also get you more leads. Now here’s the thing. Many bloggers believe that promoting content means sharing it on social channels or in different communities.  But this is common. And when you share your content on Facebook, you hope that not only your followers will read the content, they’ll share on their social networks as well.

But the fact is, there’s no guarantee that anyone in your own social circle will even see the content you’ve shared, due to Facebook‘s algorithm.

Suppose you’ve shared your content on Facebook. Now there is no way you can get all your followers to see your post unless you pay for it. And Facebook’s algorithm makes it even worse. If your post didn’t receive a good response at start, then your post will get even less visibility.

If your post does get shared by your social circle, there is no guarantee that they’ll click on your blog link to read the entire content. Do you know why? Because it’s been shared by non-influencers. Imagine a stranger is telling you that you’ll lose 10 KG weight in two weeks with his or her strategy. Would you believe it? Of course not!  But what if a well-known and most respected fitness trainer in the world tells the exact same thing?  People will value the advice, right? They’ll listen at least. That’s for sure. Why? Because people believe in them. They value advices from experts, influencers than a stranger. Getting my point? If you’re starting a new blog, or if you’re blog traffic is not growing, then you’ll need support from the influencers because people believe in them. They pay attention to them. This takes us to the next part.

How to Look For Your Influencer?

I believe I made perfect sense why reaching out to influencers is a right strategy for blog traffic growth. But it’s easier said than done.

A good Influencer Marketing Service which we recommend is by WhitoMedia

How do you get your influencer to share your content to their followers? How will you build a relationship with your influencer? Most importantly, do you even know any influencers within your niche?

Ok then, let me share the basics.

  • Search Them With Keywords Related to Your Niche

Search for their blogs in a the appropriate search engine. 

  • Find And Follow Them On Twitter

This is also a good way if you know names of the influencers within your niche. They might not notice you at first when you follow them, but you can get exposure of the post they’re writing and sharing so that you can get an idea how to approach them accordingly.

  • Ask in Communities

Communities like Quora, Bizsugar, Yahoo and likewise is also good option to ask in the group of top influencers in your niche. Sharing your posts in blogging communities can also build relationships and brand awareness.

However, This wasn’t the toughest part! The toughest part is, how to get these influencers to send traffic to you?

First of all, if you target the top 5 biggest influencers directly, then it will be mostly impossible. As a matter of fact, if you do reach out to them, chances are you’ll be treated as a spammer. So the right thing to do, if you’re just starting out, is to first target small or mid-sized influencers to get them to share your content. And then build your way up to the top influencers.

So how will you approach them?

How Will You Get Your Influencers To Share Your Content?

You can start by commenting on their content to appreciate their work and further start the conversation. But remember, do no comment just to post something. You must have something specific to add to the conversations which the influencer will take notice. They’ll appreciate that you’ve something insightful to share, and help them to engage to their followers.

There are many other ways as well like…

  • Point a link to their blog content.
  • Offering a free product or service.
  • Identify a problem and then help them solve it.

And many others. But whatever the way you prefer, make sure they also get some benefits out of you.

Hack #2: Write Guest Posts For Other Blogs

How about having a few quality backlinks, increased exposure, and more traffic? You already want it, right? Well, Guest post is another way for that.

You can reach out to other blog owners and write guest posts to publish on their site. And when you do guest posting on a major blog, not only more people will see it, but you’ll also leverage another blog’s strength to grow your blog traffic. And the blog owner will also get a free content. Sweet deal for both of you, right?

Now let me just lay out the basics.

  • Make a list of blogs in your niche that have a good audience, active, and performs well.
  • Save links to their guidelines for your benefit.
  • Come up with 3-4 ideas, craft a headline on each idea, and pitch them through email.
  • Once you have approval, start writing and send the content as soon as possible.

Also, before sending the final draft, do remember to add a relevant backlink to your blog.

Create a plan to publish at least 1 guest post each week. This will do wonders. Just try!

Hack #3: Write What They Want You To Write

Do you write for your audience or yourself? Audience, right? So what should be included in your content? What your audience needs, of course! But how will you determine what your audience is looking for? You surely not going to ask each individual separately, right? Then how? For that, you’ll have to identify what most of your target audience is looking for. What do they need. And what will help them achieve their goal. But again, you’ll have to find it out. And the best way to find out is look at the comments of other blogs in your niche. Has anyone asked any questions in comments? Has any question being asked multiple times?

If so, can you provide a better solution? If you think you can, then that should be your next blog topic. And once you publish the content, go to Hack #1. I’m sure influencers would be happy to share a content that is beneficial to his audience.

Bonus Hack! Make Sure your Site is Secure

One easy way to get more traffic in 2017 and beyond is by making your site secure. Making your site secure is crucial if you are accepting credit card details or passwords, as Google Chrome has started warning people that their site is insecure. However as well as this, Google shows to prefer secure results. Thankfully this is a quick job using Let’s Encrypt. Speak to your host to ask if they support Let’s Encrypt.



Yuvrajsinh is a Business Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.
He keeps exploring tools and strategies that can help Entrepreneurs to grow their business.

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