If you are a blogger like me who considers blogging as part of your life, then you might be facing certain frequent questions that may arise in your day-to-day blogging life such as: Is my blog post SEO-friendly? or, why do I need my blog content to be optimised? or, how can I keep my readers to get hooked on with my blog content? or, what factors do I need to keep in mind before getting onto get published or, even more…So, stay tuned to know answers for these wonderful questions.

Some terms and abbreviations:

  • SEO – search engine optimisation
  • Anchor text – It is named as a clickable text in the hyperlink
  • Backlinks – links linking back to a page


Opting for the quintessential title is as important as the entire content of your blog post since blog title is like opening a book before you read and from the title itself, your reader might get a clue of what they can expect from that blog post. Hence, always try to choose the best title that you could ever come across.


Always, do keyword research because they are one of the most essential needs for page optimization and use keywords wisely on the blog title, heading, content, tags and images.
Well, you might have already heard that the search engine always picks up the first word on the blog title and so, getting it right is one important factor for a successful blog post.
Another great possibility of using more keywords would be in the content section and it is always wise to use keywords in an optimum level that is neither too much nor too less.
Try to include relevant keywords in tags as it not only keeps you more organized but it is also vital for you to get found by the viewers too.


Image SEO shows to google and users your site is professional. Our eyes are designed in such a way that it captures images 1000 times better than words and hence, including some mind-blowing images as part of the blog post is an absolute must and it gives you a win-win situation at all times. And, always remember to include description details on Alt text in the image properties. For example, for this blog title, how to start a blog. use “how to start a blog” as Alt txt description details.
Anchor Text: How to start a blog. From the above link, you could able to see blue text that are underlined with blue line and those text details are called as anchor text and for better results, even the most high blogging professionals empathises to use relevant SEO texts to the page that you are linking up to.

Relevant Links

  • Don’t forget to insert some relevant previous links onto the blog post as it gives an opportunity for the readers to surf even more on your blog and the same could be seen from the example above.
  • Alternatively, you could also provide links to other blogger’s contents in your blog post and meanwhile, they will also be getting a notification saying that their content is being shared in your blog and in this way, you might get a better working relationship with them.

Social Media Platforms

Always, try to include social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in your blog posts as it increases blog traffic immensely well.
I hope you had a lovely time in reading this post and I’m sure, it helps you to optimize your content for blog post immensely well.

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