Many bloggers want to grow a successful business through their blogs and it is completely possible. As your blog becomes successful and your traffic increases, you will receive requests to sell products on your blog. It might seem exciting at first, but it is important to know what you are selling. When you are new to selling products on your blog, you might want to just jump right in and start generating sales. This is a common misconception amongst newbies.

It does not mean that selling products on your blog could not lead to success. Many have done it and many more will, so why can it not be you? If you believe in the product you are selling on your blog, you stand a better chance of being successful. Anything that you are passionate about can turn into success, but the opposite also applies. When you start out, you want to avoid some common mistakes.

No strategy

Business is all about strategy and execution. Without any strategy, you might find yourself repeating the same steps without reaching your goals. There are so many products online these days and consumers have become a bit hesitant to buy. You need to have a clear set out plan before you even launch the product on your blog. Write down what your goals are and put a timeline to it. The more products you sell through your blog, the higher your commission will be. Start seeing your blog as your business and business people always work off a strategy. 

Absent relationship building

When you are trying to sell a product online, it is not simply about the product itself or the manufacturer. The individuals buying the product from your blog will be connecting you personally with that product. Before you get to the point of selling products to your audience, you want to have already built a relationship with them. If your readers are going to buy a product off your blog, they will most likely do so if they believe that you can be trusted. Relationship building is one of the important factors many bloggers forget about, yet it might be the most important part.

Poor product descriptions

I see many websites use the same product description as the manufacturer does. This is just laziness and not making an effort. When you are a blogger, you have to be able to string your words together. In this moment, you are a sales person and you have to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. If you were on the other side, would you be blown away by a product description that sounds too technical? Before purchasing the product, the customers has to experience what it would be like if they did purchase it. Give them some kind of enthusiastic experience that convinces them that this is the product to buy. Put some personality into it. Use a cheap proof reading service or let some of your friends read through it and get their opinions.

No keywords

The internet works like a well-oiled machine with rules and processes. You are going to have to play into the hands of the search engines if you want your blog to be found. This may be clear to experienced bloggers, but newbies often forget the importance of targeted keywords. When writing your description or article about the product, be sure to include keywords that are effective. Include these keywords as many times as possible, without keyword stuffing. You want the search engines to place your blog on the first couple of pages. Using effective keywords is the way to do it. This helps you generate more traffic to you blog, leading to more product sales.

Lack of marketing

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