Are you stuck on creative ideas? How can you make yours stand out? Are you doing something wrong? There’s no way around it, you need to spend some serious time and energy on your about page, because it’s probably one of the most visited pages on your blog. It’s your virtual ‘how do you do?’. Fill it to let people know who you are and what you have to offer.

So, first are some things I think you should always include to attract the reader…

Show Yourself

Including a picture helps your readers connect with you on a more personal level. I don’t mean a blurry iPhone photo either. Try to find, or take a clear headshot photograph of yourself.

Social Media Platforms

Hyperlink all of your social medias onto this page. If you’re a blogger like me, people are always keen to follow you to keep up. Make it easy for them.

The Lowdown

Who are you? What’s your blog about? My introduction includes one short paragraph telling the reader about myself and my blog.”I’m a 19-year-old from England whose heart belongs to blogging and business. I’ve not looked back since. Here you can find all things blogging related from tutorials to advice. Due to the success of my blog, I began a YouTube channel.

Interesting Information

Make it funny, there’s no need to be too serious (unless your blog is professional related). Drop a couple of unusual facts about you as well as linking to old posts which new readers may be interested in.

Now you have an idea on what a strong about page should include, let’s move on to some useful tips and tricks to persuade people to read on through your blog and to follow you.

Keep It Short

It’s like a CV, no one is going to spend more than five minutes reading through it. There’s no need to ramble or go off on tangents. Just a couple of paragraphs describing who you are and what your blog has to offer.

Say How You Got Here

We all love a good story. Think about why you started blogging and the challenges you’ve met along the way (if any). By sharing your story with readers, they’ll feel an instant connection and like they know you a little more, essentially achieving what an about me page should do.

Show Your Personality

People want to know more about the real you. Don’t just lead with the facts, your about page should reflect your personality too. Use colloquial, chatty language and act as if you’re talking to your best friend. Your about page should give the reader a big warm hug.

It’s ok to Boast a Little

Have you achieved something you’re proud of? Mention it! I mentioned that I started YouTube due to the success of my personal blog. People love to hear these milestones because it shows them that your blog is clearly successful.

Tell People How They Can Benefit From Reading Your Blog

More often than not, people need a reason to follow you. Give them a little push and shove by telling them what you have to offer. How are you different from other blogs? Perhaps link them to a post you know’s a good all rounder and they’ll probably like.

Open With a Bang , Bold Statment

This is how you first hook your readers’ interest. Consider an opening question, unique fact about yourself or proclaim your passion – but try to always link it back to your blog. After all, that’s why they’re here.

I hope you’re feeling a little more inspired now. Take a look at my about page for a few more ideas. It also helps to see what the pros are writing about. Some of my favorite About pages include:









One more thing… 


You’ve done the hard work, you just need to make sure you keep it updated. Facts and figures change, make sure you edit your about page every so often, just to make sure everything still applies.

Jacob Whitmore

Jacob Whitmore

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